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5% Off Star Wars, Lord Of the Rings and More

5% off all product ranges (excluding delivery) CLICK HERE And use voucher code: SUMMER5OFF Mini Model Shop is packed with the latest cool collectible memorabilia, including figures of characters, scenescapes and artefacts from a range of TV shows and films.

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Avengers Toys Ready To Order Now

Toys R Us have just sent us a list of these cool Avengers Action Figures and Play Sets. Which is your favourite, please comment below. Avengers Quinjet Vehicle Playset Only ?34.99 The Quinjet is the most powerful transport and assault

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Complete Guide to Doctor Who Toys and Merchandise

The long-awaited third update volume to the DAVID HOWE’S TRANSCENDENTAL TOYBOX has now finally arrived and it’s a stonker! The book was delayed due to the sheer amount of work needed to pull something like 1500 items together over the

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Four new Doctor Who figures are now available at Character Online

Doctor Who 5 inch Action Figures – Silurian General Restac Age: 5+ Price: ?8.99 Doctor Who 5 inch Action Figures – Silurian Warrior Alaya Age: 5+ Price: ?8.99 Doctor Who 5 inch Action Figures – Underhenge Cyberman Age: 5+ Price:

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Crossbows and Catapults

Wow – just spotted some of these for sale on amazon. Remember playing this with my brother in the mid 1980s classic toy. For those who dont remember: Crossbows and Catapults, is a game of physical skill first released in

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Pirate Lego

I have been taken back to my youth with news of this fantastic revived lego line. I am still loving lego now – even though I am in my 30s – and not just the Star Wars stuff. Castle and

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15% off Character Options

Character Options Makers of the Doctor Who and Primeval range of toys (to name a few) have released a discount voucher code, charc15chris, just CLICK HERE and? enter this code at the checkout, and the voucher code expires on the

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I Want One!!! – Millennium Falcon

The fastest ship in the Star Wars galaxy is setting its sights on becoming the biggest toy this Christmas. This detailed replica of the rebel spaceship packs powerful secrets and special modifications inside and out! Measuring more that two-and-a-half feet

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No Daleks This Year!!!

Finally I got round to seeing the toys of the year announcement, I am shocked to see that there is not a Dalek or other doctor who toy on the list this year. The full 12 buys toys list follows:

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