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Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Filmset Footage!


Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Filmset Footage! Looks like the Story of Star Wars plays on Earth too in the next Episode. I took these pictures on my Flight back from the States to Germany at the Frankfurt Airport. Seems

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R Rated Star Wars? Not as Crazy as it Sounds – Mara Jade TV Series

Mara Jade Possible Costume

Everyone knows that Disney now owns the Star Wars franchise. But if current rumblings are due they may be making a step outside the box. Disney, famed for childrens films and PG comedies, but it looks like there might be

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 5 Review

Darth Maul

So we get to the end of the run for the superb Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. Following Disney’s takeover of the Lucas Empire, it seemed unlikely that heads wouldn’t roll, and so it was for The Clone

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 5 DVD & Blu Ray

STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS Seasons 1-5 Collectors Edition

Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Complete Season Five is released in the UK on Blu-ray and DVD on October 14th. From executive Producer George Lucas and Lucasfilm Animation, The Clone Wars With action and drama worthy of the big

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Star Wars SteelBook Blu Rays

After becoming one of the best-selling catalogue Blu-ray Discs of all time when launched in 2011, Lucasfilm and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announced today that the beloved Star Wars trilogy collections will be re-released as a limited edition steelbook

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Star Wars Episode 7 – A few thoughts.

So the Star Wars Sequel trilogy will now happen as announced by DISNEY who have just bought LucasFilm from George Lucas. Kathleen Kennedy will serve as executive producer on new Star Wars feature films, with George Lucas serving as creative

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5% Off Star Wars, Lord Of the Rings and More

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WRITTEN BY PAUL GALEA I will start off by saying there are only a few Star Wars games out there that have really made a lasting impression on me. E.g. the 2004 ?Knights Of The Old Republic? on the old

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Empire is best….Its official

I don’t mean to cause controversy whenever I open my mouth or write something down. I never intend to tell everyone they are wrong, its just a gift…I mean curse, that I have to live with. So today is no

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Ralph McQuarrie 1929 – 2012

Yet another sad passing has been announced in the world of SciFi. Ralph McQuarrie was an artist involved with the biggest and best in science fiction and fantasy movies. His work is used in Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to

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