Lord of the Rings

Congratulations to the Gollum team who produced another unsurpassed moment of movie magic
It is Sunday evening at 6pm, and for most of the afternoon I have been sitting uncomfortably in the Odeon Leicester Square in London watching a screening of Peter Jackson’s new LOTR movie, The Hobbit. Uncomfortably not just because the film is long (too long by far), and not just […]

The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey – Review by Neil ...

Dragon Storm DVD
May 24th 2010 sees the much anticipated release of Dragon Storm through Revolver Entertainment. Set in a fantasy medieval realm two Kings are feuding. King Fastrad is continually plotting to invade the neighboring kingdom of his nemesis, the noble King Wednesbury. It is not until King Fastrads castle is attacked […]

Dragon Storm – firing on to DVD May 24th