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Have you seen MATT SMITH in the trailer to LOST RIVER?


RYAN GOSLING’s directorial debut LOST RIVER weaves elements of fantasy, noir and suspense into a modern day fairytale. Set against the surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city, Billy (CHRISTINA HENDRICKS – Mad Men) a single mother of two, is swept

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The Other Doctors. 50th Anniversary and Beyond

The Other Day Of The Doctor

Following on from The Other 11 Doctors, a fantastic alternate history to Doctor Who, Alasdair Stuart looks back at the alternative 50th Anniversary, and forward to the latest incarnation The Day of the Doctor The 11th Doctor’s run finished, in

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Things Every Doctor Who Fan Should Know


50 Things Every Doctor Who Fan Should Know [Infographic] by the team at HorrorChannel

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New Range Of Doctor Who Mugs!

A new range of 12 Doctor Who mugs is now available to order from ModelCollectorShop, and I must say they are stunning! Featuring all 11 current Doctors (no Peter Capaldi, yet) and a silver TARDIS. Which is your favourite?  

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Peter Capaldi in Season 8 of Doctor Who – What We (think we) Know

Peter Capaldi, on set incostume as the  Eleventh Doctor, with Jenna Coleman

Today we got to see Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on set from Doctor who. Now we just have to hope that we won’t be kept waiting too long.Welcome back, to those of you now following my next post fear

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The Doctor and his Magical moment: a Review of the 50th Anniversary Special

Day of the Doctor-The Three Doctors Matt Smith, John Hurt and David Tennant

Spoilers, Sweetie The well-loved British television programme Doctor Who aired it’s 50th Anniversary Episode on Saturday 23rd November 2013; a day that will probably stand as a fixed moment in time for most fans. The episode, titled ‘The Day of

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Important Doctor Who Audio Announcement

Final part of the Destiny of the Doctor series, The Time Machine

Now that AudioGO have entered administration. The future of the “Destiny of the Doctor” audio Doctor Who series was in question. Now Big Finish has acquired the rights to release the final part of the Destiny of the Doctor series,

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Doctor Who Parts I to VIII – The Movie History That Never Happened

Vincent Price In Tomb Of The Cybermen

Scifind looks at another “What If” from the world of Doctor Who. This is the first part in a series and we will continue if there is interest. In 1963 Peter Cushing started the Doctor Who Movie franchise with Doctor

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Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks

Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks Classic Novel

Written by Terrance Dicks Read by Mark Gatiss Published by AudioGo There are many treats for Doctor Who fans in this 50th year, but few can fit so neatly in a plastic jewel case. Take Jon Pertwee’s iconic Third Doctor,

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DALEKS Invade Blu Ray!!! Plus Bernard Cribbins on Doctor Who

Doctor Who is 50 years old this year, even if the BBC are doing little to directly promote this fact. Also this year would have seen the Centenary of Peter Cushing – the second actor to play The Doctor! So

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