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Disney to buy Lego in 2015

Disney Ownership Of Lego in 2015?

Thinking about possible developments in 2015 how likely is it that LEGO will be acquired by Disney? Quite possible. Look at the evidence. Top LEGO licences: Star Wars Superheroes (Marvel) Cars Disney Princesses Jake and the Neverland Pirates And now

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TarDisk – MacBook Storage That is Bigger On The Inside


Spotted and interested me due to the pun…. TarDisk. The Most Reliable and Perfect onboard Storage Module / MiniDrive to Date. The TarDisk cleverly seats a MicroSD card inside your SD port. MicroSD cards are waterproof, shock proof and nearly

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Things Every Doctor Who Fan Should Know


50 Things Every Doctor Who Fan Should Know [Infographic] by the team at HorrorChannel

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Taking on Amazon – with just £500!


How would you react to someone saying that they are taking on’s global e publishing empire with just £500? You’d probably laugh; go on, admit it… What would you say if someone said that they could start changing the

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Feedback/food for thought

I have been away, busy with work…But i am back I will try to get two or three good posts off over the next few days. But i ask our readers to add some comments into this feed, I would

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The Doctor and his Magical moment: a Review of the 50th Anniversary Special

Day of the Doctor-The Three Doctors Matt Smith, John Hurt and David Tennant

Spoilers, Sweetie The well-loved British television programme Doctor Who aired it’s 50th Anniversary Episode on Saturday 23rd November 2013; a day that will probably stand as a fixed moment in time for most fans. The episode, titled ‘The Day of

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Pre Halloween Weekend TV.

Scifind Weekend TV

Dear scifinders and fiends: We have ourselves a whole pre-halloween weekend of TV, plus an extra hour! I hope you can make the most of it, and don’t waste it on silly things like sleep Friday If you can get

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Agents, Superheroes, Dinosaurs, Super cop and IT support. This is your weekend tv

It’s the weeeeekkkkkeeennndddd… OK, sorry. I’m just going to go back to the server room. Its over here. But I’m taking the television with me.  Of course I am, else I’d miss the last ever IT Crowd. Channel 4. 9pm.

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Weekend’s TV Grey, Gremlins, Gaiman And More Starting With Other Letters

The weekend is upon us. TV for the duration, sans Sky or Virgin? Have at it scifindians! Friday opens with Dorian Gray (2009) on More4 at 9pm. Whilst recognisable as the classic tale of the portrait in the attic, this

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Spiderman, Star Trek and SG1 Head This Weeks UK Freeview Scifi Viewing

The weekend starts here! So without ado we’ve got our pick of the freeview channels science fiction offerings for the weekend ahead! Get your popcorn at the ready guys! Friday 6th September 2013 Friday kicks off bright and early on

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