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LOST: Season 5, Episode 8: LaFleur

Note – review may contain spoilers LOST has always been a programme that?s been bold with its narrative structure. It seems odd to think of now, but watching season one for the first time in 2004, the show?s flashback format

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Whilst it can be said of pretty much any work of literature, WATCHMEN is a book that is defined by those that have read it and those that haven?t. To clarify, those that have read Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon?s

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A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER Series 3 of Heroes, the second part of which is called Volume 4 – Confused yet? (ed) [rating:2/5] Heroes is a frustrating show to watch at times. For a programme with such a strong, exciting

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Review By Liam O Brien, 4 out of 5 ?f it bleeds, we can kill it? Great news! The Aliens Vs Predator picture is not far off now! Finally, the Predator can return (we hope) and spawn some more violent

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