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Robocop 2014 – Is it any good?

Robocop 2014

If the original Robocop was MS-DOS, then Robocop 2014 is the App Store. This will be a good or a bad thing depending on your tastes and how nostalgic you’re feeling. The newer version does still have a satirical edge,

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Nosferatu – Restored Review

Nosferatu Remastered Halloween 2013

Nosferatu is a movie with a past. It was almost entirely destroyed by Bram Stoker’s widow due to the blatant plagiarism from Dracula presented in the movie (in which, basically, the names were changed, and that was it). Various versions

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The Wicker Man – 40th Anniversary ‘Final Cut’

The Wicker Man Final Cut

This new version of The Wicker Man only makes slight changes. However, it’s the most complete version of the film that exists currently, and if you’ve only ever seen the original theatrical release (the one most regularly shown on TV),

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Evil Dead Blu Ray (2013) Review Release 12th August 2013

Evil Dead Blu Ray Cover

Five young people go to a cabin in the middle of the countryside. Once there, things start to get weird. Once they discover a book bound in human flesh, things become worse. Lethally so. The Evil Dead series has always

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Man of Steel – “best Superman film in the last 34 years”


While it’s easily the best Superman film in the last 34 years, Man of Steel could put off some longer-term fans due to playing fast and loose with what they may be expecting. Which is particularly interesting coming from Zack

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Told entirely from the point of view of a crazed serial killer, a young man kills women and scalps them in order to add to his collection. Maniac has benefitted from a very strong poster, and being picked up for

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The Expendables 2 Review

Stallone. Statham. Schwarzenegger. Willis. Van Damme. Norris. Lundgren. Li. Crews. Couture. Somewhere, Steven Segal is sitting looking at his phone, still waiting for it to ring. The Expendables 2 is a deeply, deeply stupid movie in which any problem that

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The Dark Knight Rises Review

There’s a moment in The Dark Knight which not only feels like a really good comic book scene, but actually transcends it, and becomes better than most of the Batman comics there have been. It’s when The Joker visits Harvey

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